Jan 18, 2007

Unhappy end: the sad story about failed attempt of phentermine withdrawal from general use

Listen to me, Darling. Phentermine, our so loved #1 spam drug is obviously dangerous. Any mindful babe can check it easily via google (for lazy ones I'll post detailed explanation in next post).
Phentermine is addictive physically and psychologically, bringing serious side effects, causing disporia and personality changes. Many people have had had to go in to rehab to get off of this drug. Stop me! I've just promised you I'll prove this later, so I'll do (with some really nice pics!)
Let make us way back in time. The short story is European Commission Decision has tried to withdraw phentermine license. However, they failed because big old boys, some of the phentermine license holder appealed. It is understood darling: if You are Big Old Boy with Big Money you surely have all rights for spreading Your dangerous drug (dad, it is not dangerous indeed, please, please, please, please-please-please say it isn't harmful) over the world. Just because you're phentermine license holder and you don't want to lose your money. Let your money work for you, big old boy. To not be unsubstantiated, let's have a look at the official documents from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency website (UK):

24 Dec 2002 | European legal action relating to anorectic agents
The European Court of First Instance has, on 26 November 2002, annulled previous European Commission decisions (2000) to withdraw the licences (marketing authorisations) for anorectic agents. In accordance with this, the MHRA (medicines) is reinstating the relevant marketing authorisations for the following: amfepramone (Diethylpropion, Tenuate Dospan) and phentermine (Duromine, Ionamin).
11 May 2001 | European withdrawal of anorectic agents/appetite suppressants: new legal developments, no new safety issues: Licences for phentermine and amfepramone being withdrawn May 2001

This relates to a legal action and is not related to any new safety concerns. A Europe-wide review of the risks and benefits of anorectic agents/appetite suppressants led to the withdrawal of their licences in April 2000 following a European Commission Decision. Following an appeal by some of the licence holders, the effects of the Commission's decisions were suspended and the licences for amfepramone and phentermine were re-instated in April and August 2000, respectively. The suspension of the decisions have now been set aside by the European courts and the licences for these drugs must be withdrawn again in the European Union.In the UK, the following products are affected:
  • Duromine (phentermine)
  • Ionamin (phentermine)
  • Diethylpropion (amfepramone)
  • Tenuate Dospan (amfepramone)
The following advice sheets have been forwarded to relevant practitioners:
  1. Advice for health professionals
  2. Information sheet for patients
Is it clear now, Darling? Do you still desire perfect body by the price of good health?

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