Mar 24, 2014

Allow Ukrainian Citizens 90 day entrance into the USA on passport, without Visa

Please sign this petition to let Ukrainian Citizens 90 day entrance into the USA on passport, without Visa:

Mar 3, 2014

Ukraine: chronicles and why Putins is so afraid of Maidan

My name is Rostyslav Siryk, web developer and blogger. I live in Kharkiv, it's Eastern Ukraine, very close to Russia Border (nearly 40 miles).

Here's what was happening recently here in Kharkiv, Ukraine and Crimea. All events below are taken mainly from the most objective local news stream -- here's it's google translation.

Chronology in short:

Feb 26, 2014:
11:52 - Flag of Russia is installed on the flagpole of the Kharkiv city council, Ukraine.
16:28 - Russian troops on the border with Ukraine alerted.

Feb 27:
13:04 - Pro-Russian rally happening in the building of the Crimean parliament.
20:31 - Roads in Crimea blocked by armed men with Russian flags.

Feb 28:
14:24 - In Sevastopol, Ukraine, Russian militaries block maritime security of Ukraine.
16:12 - Russia has refused to have consultations with Ukraine on the situation in Crimea. Russia continues to deploy troops in the Crimea. Helicopters, armored personnel carriers are sticking around. Airports are blocked. Few attempts of capturing Ukrainian units happened.

Mar 1:
12:44 - Russian Foreign Ministry said that Kiev destabilize Crimea.
17:23 - The Federation Council of the Russian Federation allowed Putin to invade Ukraine, the decision is based on fake news about "Maidan" "killing" "russians" in Crimea.This fake was discovered just one day after. Actually, it was done very bad, I can't imagine Putin's propaganda is so unprofessional. 

14:36 - In Kharkov, administration building is stormed, Euromaidan activists attacked and beaten. Moscow resident installs flag of Russia over Ukrainian administration, he is proud of it. He posted it in his social networks: see VKontakte and Instagram posts.

What's happening now?
From then until now, Putin continues to demonstrate his power, wants to make ukrainians afraid of him. But he fails. A lot of people are ready to die for freedom and democracy here in Ukraine. My fellow colleague was killed on Feb 18 in Kiev just before we got rid of Yanukovich. My company have put together a fundraiser to benefit Sergey's family, to make a donation and leave some words of encouragement for his wife Svitlana, who is expecting a new baby very soon.

How I feel about it
Putin bullies Maidan / Ukraine by intimidating it with military maneuvers. Putin must defeat Maidan because the presence of Maidan as democratic revolution will definitely inspire the people in Russia to do the same in Russia.

So, Ukraine now is under exceptional psychological pressure due to Russian forces rallying around. 'Titushky' (lumpens paid for beating protesters) back in business, now there's new titushky from Russia (because it's nearby to Kharkiv). They provoke Ukrainians, they beat Maidan activists on the streets. It is important not to let them make successful provocation, so we keep order as much as we can on the streets. Euromaidan continues to keep its peaceful protest.

I can't recall when my country was so encouraged to live, fight and love. People of good will are finally lost their fear. The remainings of Soviet system can't stop us anymore.

This is true Putin's nightmare.