Jan 21, 2007

Another spammer idiot was caught. Lol.

First, let me ask you to answer just one question, similar to ones you can meet in common IQ test:

Q: Which one of the four countries is least like the other three?
  1. USA
  2. Ireland
  3. Sweden
  4. Ukraine
A: No one.
Almost every time I hear another spammer was caught I become surprised. Almost every time, because usually spammers come from successful countries and each time I hear about this kind of person I think:

"What kind of self-confident idiot you must be to make such dirty money in the country which gives you a lot of opportunities to make money without breaking the law?"

You'll be caught, surely. And the probability to be canned grows together with your spammer career success.

Look where the spammers come from: USA (first result in google, named as very prolific spammer), USA-2, USA-3, Ireland, Sweden (by SpamHuntress!), Ukraine (probably this one is the representative of "eastern European spam mafia"?).

The last one surprises me a bit less than others from the list, but still do surprises. Spammer from Ukraine could be not so surprising some time ago (3-5 years), because Ukraine was much more deeper in poverty and IT sphere was absent there -- but these times are gone, because now Ukraine has a lot of IT companies where geek can work. So clever guys can find good job anywhere.

BTW, is there any up-to-date list of caught spammers like this wall of shame?

P.S. Just have noticed this post: "America leads the world in the number of spam messages" which hardly could be explained only the fact that US users have a lot of poorly protected computers (report by the Sophos). It is dubious because despite spam sources are 85% zombie computers which was malwared due to low protection, spam is still being good accepted by users (what kind of email do you respond?) so people are still responsible for answering the spam messages.