Jan 16, 2007

Spam consumer groups

This post was originally a comment to Why We Are Still At War post by theemailwars.com blog.

One of the main reasons why spam actually works: because there are people which thoughtless enough to click spam links.

It is the subject of right anti-spam propaganda to make people understood their risks when clicking spam links. Surely, it is important to explain anyone the danger scams of using spam resources; but it is even more important to explain that usual goods being sell via spam are pretty dangerous enough to affect their life badly. For example, phentermine is not a toy for weight loss but real power drug which will control their life if used enormously.

There's lack of such anti-spam campaigns in the web.

Robert H. Smith's study (see link at the top of this post) proves that at least 11% of users purchase products and services from spam e-mails.

But it is interesting to make deeper exploration of spam-clickers. We should separate this whole community into groups by spam subject they respond to. For example, there will be viagra-clickers group, spam-insurance consumers and so on. After we have such study, it is possible to make targeted anti-spam campaigns to explain people why responding to spam messages is bad in any case.

And every subgroup of spam consumers should receive corresponding explanation why spam doesn't worth responding. Then spam will lose its supplying roots. So it won't worth sending, and so will go away.

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